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Live Kabbalah University is a site of Universal Kabbalah Communities established by Shaul Youdkevitch, the place to study all what Kabbalah has to offer for a better world, about The Creation and about ourselves, Zohar and Torah Study, Holidays and Kabbalistic Meditation.

This is our Beta site, we are working at the moment on building this site so it can serve you better.

Many courses are not ready yet for the public and the others are still under constructions. Many courses are available for guests, without registration, try them.

Our mission is based on the Universal Truth that Love of the Creator is revealed when mankind displays that Love and respect to other human beings above and beyond ideology, race, religion, language or appearance. The mission of the Universal Kabbalah Communities is to empower individuals and communities to create a world of peace, love, joy, and harmony for humanity. The Live Kabbalah University, will be a tool of UKC to inspire people to take action, and provide them with the tools to create thriving communities around the world. These communities will provide a safe, loving and empowering environment for every human being, based on the teachings of the great prophets of the Bible as well as on the teachings of the Kabbalistic Sages that followed their courageous vision.

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Site Rules for Hebrew transliterating




אָ אַ (אֳ, אֲ)   a like a in America                                               

אֶ אֵ אֱ e     like e in America                                       

אֵי            ay like ay in day                                             

אִ אִי         I like I in America                                         

אֺ אוֹ        o like o in boy                                              

אֻ אוּ         u like u in Luke                                                         





בּ B

ב V

ג G

ד D

ה H

ו V

ז Z

ח  H like h in Mohammed       

ט T

י Y

כ ך Kh like kh in Kazakhstan

כּ K

ל L

מ ם M

נ ן N

ס S

ע silent

פּ P

פ ף F

צ ץ TS

ק K

ר R

שׁ SH

שֹ S

ת T